Patrick Thomas:  With over a million words in print, PATRICK THOMAS keeps busy writing the popular fantasy humor series Murphy's Lore (which includes 8 books- Tales From Bulfinche's Pub, Fools' Day, Through The Drinking Glass, Shadow Of The Wolf, Redemption Road, Bartender Of The Gods, Nightcaps and Empty Graves) as well as the After Hours spin offs Fairy With A Gun, Dead To Rites and Lore & Dysorder. His Mystic Investigators series has grown to include the books Bullets & Brimstone and From The Shadows both with John L. French and Once More Upon A Time and the upcoming Partners In Crime both with Diane Raetz. He has co-edited two anthologies - Hear Them Roar and the vampire themed New Blood. Patrick's syndicated humorous advice column Dear Cthulhu has been collected in Have A Dark Day and Good Advice For Bad People. A number of his books are part of the set and props department at the CSI television show. He was voted Preditors & Editors favorite author of 2010. Laurence Fishburne's production company Cinema Gypsy Productions has taken a film and television option on Patrick Thomas' urban fantasy Fairy With A Gun. As an artist his work has graced covers for Dark Quest, Padwolf and Marietta, interiors and a cover for Space & Time magazine and comic covers for Ghostman. A mockumentary about him has recently surfaced on Youtube. To learn more, drop by his website at
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Running ahead of the pack
Brad Aiken  Brad Aiken is a physician in Miami, Florida, and has been recognized by Miami Metro Magazine as one of the top physicians in his field in the South Florida area.  He has published several scientific articles, and has presented to both professional and non-professional groups on a variety of topics. Dr. Aiken has received numerous science awards, including the Navy Science Award, as well as awards from the Army, the Air Force and NASA.  He began writing science fiction while in college at Boston University, and published his first book, Starscape: The Silver Bullet, in 2000.  His latest book, Mind Fields , was published in September, 2007. His short stories have appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Padwolf Presents, and the vampire anthology New Blood. Robert E. Waters  Robert E. Waters is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Since 1994, he has worked in the computer and board gaming industry as technical writer, editor, designer, and producer. His first professional fiction publication came in 2003 with the story “The Assassin’s Retirement Party,” Weird Tales, Issue #332. Since then he has sold stories to Nth Degree, Nth Zine, Black Library Publishing (Games Workshop), Dark Quest Books, Padwolf Publishing, Mundania Press, and Rogue Blades Entertainment. Between the years of 1998 – 2006, he also served as an assistant editor to Weird Tales, and is still a frequent contributor to Tangent Online, a short fiction review site. Robert currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife Beth, their son Jason, and their cat Buzz. C.J. Henderson  C.J. Henderson's early days were spent in the Midwest. The family moved around for the first few years of his life until finally settling in Western Pennsylvania, in Bridgeville (officially known by the sign at its entrance as, appropriately, the Town of Many Bridges), a small town outside of Pittsburgh. High school and college kept him in the general area, but shortly thereafter it was on to the big city, more specifically, New York City (officially known by the sign at its entrance as, appropriately, the Town That Doesn't Want You--Get the Hell Out!).  Since (a real fact coming up) out of all the people in America who actually make money from writing, only some 6% of them actually manage to support themselves entirely from such endeavors, C.J., like the grand majority of his peers, has had to come up with other ways to rake in the miscellaneous dollar or two. In his time, he has earned his keep and kicked around as a: movie house manager, waiter, drama coach, fast food jockey, interior painter, blackjack dealer, book reviewer, stockman, English teacher, roadie, advertising salesman, creative writing instructor, supernatural investigator, bank guard, storage coordinator, children's theater director, card shark, film critic, dishwasher, magazine editor, traffic manager, short-order cook, stand-up comic, interview & general article writer; toy salesman, camp counselor, movie booker, street mime, lounge lizard and as a senior editor of legal publications at Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. All too often, he still has to do such things. But, at least when one is writing film columns, the movies are free.  These days, C.J. is married in all the typical manners to fashion designer Grace Tin Lo. They live in Brooklyn, NY, along with their daughter Erica, and everyone's cats, Tyco and Tiger.
More Great Padwolf Authors
Edward J. McFadden III  Edward J. McFadden III juggles a full-time career as a university administrator and teacher, with his writing aspirations. His first published novel, a mysterious-dark-thriller called The Black Death of Babylon, will be released October 2012 from Post Mortem Press. His steampunk fantasy novelette, Starwisps, was recently published in the anthology Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, his story Breaking Down is forthcoming in the print edition of Abandoned Towers Magazine, and his novella Anywhere But Here is scheduled for publication in 2013 by Padwolf Publishing. He is the author/editor of six published books: Jigsaw Nation, Deconstructing Tolkien: A Fundamental Analysis of The Lord of the Rings (to be re-released in eBook format Fall 2012), Time Capsule, The Second Coming, Thoughts of Christmas, and The Best of Pirate Writings. He has had more than 50 short stories published in places like Hear Them Roar, CrimeSpree Magazine,Terminal Fright, Cyber-Psycho's AOD, The And, and The Arizona Literary Review. Over the last seven years he has written six novels, all of which are at various stages of rewriting and submission for publication. He lives on Long Island with his wife Dawn, their daughter Samantha, and their mutt Oli. See for all things Ed.