In this book you will find:
Good Cops gone bad; Bad Cops gone worse;
Police in the city; Sheriffs on the hunt;
Cops on the beach; Cops on the take;
Fights to the death; Ninjas and nunchuckas;
Hookers and dealers; Good guys and bad guys
And the Devil's own cop.
featuring the talents of: - James Chambers - Gary Lovisi -
O'Neil De Noux - Quintin Peterson - C. J. Henderson - Michael
A. Black - Ron Fortier - Patrick Thomas - Michael Berish -
Vincent H. O'Neil - Austin S. Camacho - Wayne D. Dundee -
John L. French - Art Monterastelli - James Grady
tales of cops behaving badly
edited by
John L. French
More Mystery From Padwolf
cover by Ver Curtis
"A ride-around with some of the best cops and best cop writing in the business!" -David Black, author of The Extinction Event & writer for CSI Miami & Law & Order.
"Bad Cop, No Donut includes some of the most riveting stories I have read to date. It's a top-notch crime fiction anthology." - Donald Bain, author of the "Murder, She Wrote" series